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Areas of service:

San Francisco, Napa, Solano  Counties. 

Disabled,Seniors and Military Veterans get 10% Off everyday!


Mon, Wed, Fri 11am-7pm


Our service is FREE with a minimum $50 donation! We do scheduled deliveries. Existing patients can call or email to schedule a delivery for a specific day/time.


EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS: Speedy Weedy Rx Delivery Collective is doing business as Speedy Weedy Rx Delivery. We are a California unincorporated non profit association in accordance with California law and Attorney General Guidelines for Prop 215 and SB 420. We operate as a non profit and hold a California Board Of Equalization issued permit. Our Collective is a cooperative effort undertaken by a closed group of individuals with, the only donations changing hands, being the small amount entitled to recover growing costs and member related services.



Speedy Weedy Rx Delivery Collective

Solano/Napa (707) 624-5552